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Curved Glass Counter Top We can design and professionally install a wide range of curved glass counter-tops. The uses for counter tops like these is only limited by your imagination. Scratch and Seal can produce and installed curved glass countertops in a wide range of projects including office reception desks, meeting rooms, hotel areas including lobbies and bathrooms, schools and conference centers and of course in residential renovations.

The simplicity of glass adds not only a professional look and feel but practicality too. Glass is easy to maintain will remain in its new state for many many years far beyond regular and sometimes more expensive materials.

Curved glass also has other uses such as repair of furniture in particular antique furniture and china cabinets where regular glass replacement is not possible. Further applications are popular display cases that one might find in residential homes but also commercial offices and other places of business.

Scratch and Seal can customize each application so the final product is a perfect fit for any project. We back up our installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Scratch and Seal today here to obtain a free estimate of your project and speak to an industry professional that will guide and advise you all the way.