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Curved Glass

We can design and professionally install a wide range of curved glass countertops. The uses for countertops like these are only limited by your imagination. Scratch and Seal LLC can produce and install curved glass countertops in a wide range of projects including office reception desks, meeting rooms, hotel areas including lobbies and bathrooms, schools and conference centers, and of course in residential renovations.

The simplicity of glass adds not only a professional look and feel but practicality too. Glass is easy to maintain, and will remain in its new state for many years far beyond regular and sometimes more expensive materials.

Curved glass also has other uses such as the repair of furniture, particularly antique furniture and china cabinets, where regular glass replacement is not possible. Further applications are popular display cases that one might find in residential homes but also commercial offices and other places of business.

Scratch and Seal LLC can customize each application so that the final product is a perfect fit for any project. We back up our installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Screened Porches & Patios

If you are looking to create more living space in your home, then look no further. Scratch and Seal LLC can help you design then install a wide range of custom-styled screened porches and patios and virtually bring the outdoors indoors.

We all know that there are many months of the year that a screened porch or patio is an essential room of the home, to entertain, to work in, or just plain relax, having a screened porch can make you and your family's life so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Let us show you some examples of our previous work, provide a free measurement and quote, and you will see that Scratch and Seal LLC is the perfect choice for your new renovation or even just a porch upgrade.

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Scratch and Seal LLC

Custom Commercial Products

First impressions can be a really big deal, and a customized Display case can make that impact for your business location. Scratch and Seal LLC can design, supply, and professionally install all types of custom doors and fixtures, including all hardware required. 

We can install all Division 10 products so reach out to us and we can help with your commercial project.

At Scratch and Seal LLC, we have completed many commercial projects providing toilet partitions, mirrors, fire extinghuishers and cabinets.

As always, our products and services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

The use of curved glass for shower enclosures is increasing in popularity, and for good reason. A curved glass shower enclosure firstly gives a look of prestige for any bathroom design or makeover but also provides flexibility in design rules for a modern look. Scratch and Seal LLC specializes in these types of shower enclosures and can assist you with your choice of design and glass options. We also ensure the enclosure is professionally installed so you get to use this great new concept trouble-free for the lifetime of the home.

With the use of tempered glass, enclosures have become the favorite of many home builders and designers in recent years, and now you also can join the trend. Our professional installation comes with the best hardware and materials on the market, so you can be assured your new shower enclosure is top of the range.

double step up shower

Glass Scratch Removal

At Scratch and Seal LLC, we can professionally remove unsightly scratches from many glass services, especially glass tables, countertops, and glass shower enclosures. Scratch and Seal LLC uses 'state of the art' G-Force polishing technology that has pinpoint accuracy to remove scratches.

Glass scratch removal is a very cost-effective solution and can save you hundreds of dollars from costly glass replacements. Plus, it is a fast remedy. You don't have to wait for measuring, manufacturing, and installation of new glass, most glass scratch repairs can be completed in just a few hours. And you will be amazed at the results it can bring.

gforce photo
465B Before and After

Mirror Wraps

Mirror wrap of Scratch and Seal LLC can transform any existing mirror into an elegant focal point of any room using picture frame molding that fits directly to the surface of a pre-existing mirror already attached to a wall.

Every Mirror Wrap frame is made custom and applies directly to the face of your existing mirror for a perfect, framed mirror look.

The main benefit of Mirror Wraps is they are far less expensive than removing an old mirror and replacing it with a framed mirror.

With our great selection of decorative moldings, Mirror Wraps will compliment your bathroom renovation and decor, as well as match your current hardware finishes.